Jonesboro arkansas shooting

An ABC News investigation looked into the fates of Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, who were minors at the time that they carried out the Jonesboro shooting, and found that when they were released less than ten years later, they still tried to get their hands on firearms. The Jonesboro shooting tied for the second-deadliest school shooting in U.

The boys — ages 11 and 13 at the time — got guns from Golden's grandfather's house on March 24,went to school, pulled the fire alarm after lunch and stood outside to wait for fleeing students. The shooting occurred a little more than a year before Colorado's Columbine shooting, which sparked a national outcry about gun reform. Both Johnson and Golden served less than 10 years and, because they were tried as minors as per Arkansas law, they emerged from prison in the mids with sealed records and a clean slate.

Andrew Golden applied for a concealed carry permit in under the name Drew Douglas Grant after he was released from federal prison in He was denied after he didn't list the juvenile detention facilities where he had lived for the prompt which requires applicants to list all of their residences from the previous two years. It's unclear whether Grant had successfully obtained a gun either before or in spite of his denied application. In his application, however, he gave paperwork that showed he completed seven hours of firearms training that would qualify him for a semi-automatic handgun, according to an Arkansas Times article from Johnson, on the other hand, had more run-ins with the law including getting caught with a firearm.

When Johnson was pulled over in Arkansas inhe was arrested for possessing a firearm in the presence of a controlled substance, a charge that is rarely used, his lawyer told ABC. Johnson was arrested again in for stealing and using a debit card left by a customer at the gas station where he was working at the time. Johnson was released from prison in July under the custody of the U.

Probation Office for the Southern District of Texas and put in a drug rehab program. Skip to content. They killed four students and one teacher and injured ten others.

Mitchell Johnson had several brushes with the law after his release from prison inincluding possession of a firearm charge in But their inability to swear off guns landed one of them back behind bars. Golden has lived in obscurity since his release under his new name.

Andrew Golden was only 11 when he and Mitchell Johnson — then 13 — shot and killed five people at their middle school. Most Read. Andrew Cuomo is no coronavirus hero. He had marijuana on him at the time of his arrest for the debit card theft.

It's unclear where Johnson is living. Latest U. Massachusetts man tried to blow up Jewish nursing home in possible hate crime: FBI. Doctor handcuffed in front of his home says he was racially profiled. Cinemark aiming to reopen movie theaters by July. Report: Hall of Fame pitcher Roy Halladay on drugs, doing stunts when plane crashed.

Police: Shooter in 1998 school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas killed in head-on crash

Florida high school senior killed over Yeezy shoes: police.News Break Jonesboro, AR. Your city or ZIP code. News Break App. News Break Arkansas Jonesboro. Jonesboro police warn of police impersonator. Emergency crews respond to house fire on Dan Avenue. Jonesboro, AR Kait 8 10h.

According to a media release from Jonesboro police, the department was made aware of the issue after getting information. Jonesboro, AR Kait 8 9h. According to Battalion Chief Brett Winstead, multiple exotic animals, including snakes, died in the house fire. Jonesboro, AR Kait 8 4h. KAIT - With students in Arkansas finishing the school year learning through Alternative Methods of Instruction, some students are at a disadvantage due to their English language skills.

Jonesboro, AR Kait 8 12h. Jonesboro, AR kalb. Baby photo reunited with family after tornado takes it 60 miles away. Jonesboro, AR neareport. Wednesday: 1, cases in Ark. Randolph County: 9 positive, 7 recoveries, negative. Clay County: 1 positive, 0 recoveries, 69 negative. Brookland, AR Kait 8 9h. Doctors warn against medicating yourself at home.

KAIT - During the coronavirus pandemic, some may think a simple cough or cold can be cured at home. However, doctors are urging patients to still seek professional advice.

Jonesboro, AR talkbusiness. Paragould, AR wmcactionnews5. KAIT - As businesses close and shut down from coronavirus impacting the industry, one business in Paragould continues to thrive.

Angela Hale, office manager, said sales at Hill Top Spirits are up 25 percent and continue to climb during the pandemic. Jonesboro, AR Kait 8 1d. KAIT - Faced with a reduction in patient visits and the cessation of elective procedures and surgeries, St. Bernards announced Tuesday it was taking numerous cost-saving measures, including furloughs. Jonesboro to hold virtual graduation. The district announced Monday that it would hold a virtual graduation for the Class of Jonesboro, AR Kait 8 2d.

Two curfew calls reported over the weekend; no citations written.

AGFC to fund public shooting sports facility in Jonesboro

However, according to police, the 10 p.A man who was 11 when he and a friend gunned down a teacher and four students at their middle school in died Saturday in a car crash on an Arkansas highway, according to police. The driver of the Chevy, Daniel Petty, 59 — who was driving south when he swerved over a center line, a turning lane and two northbound lanes before crashing into Grant's Honda — also died, according to a police report.

Stephanie Grant, 29, and a 2-year-old child were in the car with Grant and were injured, the report said.

Kathy Tanner, 59, who was in the car with Petty, was also injured. Grant and Mitchell Johnson, who was 13set off a fire alarm at Westside Middle School near Jonesboro, Arkansas, on March 24,and shot at people as they fled the building. Ten others were wounded. Johnson and Golden were tried as juveniles and were released at the age of 21 in andrespectively. Because they were tried as juveniles, their records were sealed.

Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politics. Wright's husband and son, Mitch and Zane, released a statement after Grant's death Saturday. Mostly sadness. Sadness for his wife and son, sadness that they too will feel the loss that we have felt," the statement, released to KAIT, said. We are praying that his wife and child will make a full recovery," the statement said. News Business World Sports Podcasts.

Follow NBC News. Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Let our news meet your inbox. The news and stories that matters, delivered weekday mornings. From the archives: Nightly News report on deadly Arkansas school shooting March 25, Elisha Fieldstadt. Associated Press contributed.Arkansas Wildlife Weekly Newsletter. Shooting Jonesboro Range.

jonesboro arkansas shooting

A long-awaited shooting sports complex in Jonesboro is closer to reality after the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on Sept. The city of Jonesboro first approached AGFC in January about the possibility of receiving funding to build a public recreational shooting sports complex.

However, land targeted for the state-of-the-art range had environmental impact concerns to nearby wetlands that required addressing. After a nine-month assessment, those problems have been worked out with various state and federal agencies, according to Grant Tomlin, AGFC assistant chief for hunter education and shooting ranges. It catches the shot and drops it down with no effect on the surrounding area.

The range, which will take up acres near an industrial area off Interstatewill feature nine trap- and three skeet-shooting stations, a yard rifle range, yard pistol range and archery ranges both regular and 3D. Architectural plans are not finalized, Tomlin said, but the range is expected to have a large clubhouse with snack bar, restrooms and a large lobby, along with additional pavilions on the firing lines with restroom facilities in a separate building for users of rifles and pistols.

The Pittman-Robertson grant program, which began inis a wildlife restoration and conservation funding mechanism that helps fund projects such as shooting ranges and other hunter education facilities nationwide.

Money is derived through an excise tax on hunting equipment, firearms and ammunition collected from the manufacturer. The grant ratio currently calls for 75 percent funding from the federal government with a 25 percent local match. Tomlin said either of two bills in Congress yet to be voted on would change the allocation to 90 percent federal vs.

The AGFC previously provided funding to the cities of Batesville and Warren for development of their currently operational public shooting sports complexes and owns the Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Site Menu. Central Arkansas Nature Center J. Buy Licenses Check Game.

AGFC to fund public shooting sports facility in Jonesboro.We address the entire spectrum of human conflict. Lee -- the founder of four full-time karate schools in Northeast Arkansas, which have empowered their respective communities with real-world self-defense skills for the past 23 years. Lee is also a firearm instructor, and has taught thousands of people how to properly use and manage firearms over the course of the past 14 years.

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We even travel around the country on a monthly basisproviding courses and resources for conflict management, active shooter training, and firearms safety! Sign up and come to the only NRA-certified range in our community, used exclusively for concealed carry and firearms courses. Get more information now! With decades of experience in self-defense and verified firearms certification, our instructors will help you learn everything from proper firearm management, to active shooter response training, to CPR and first-aid skills.

Safety is our number one priority. Whether you're traveling around Northeast Arkansas or on vacation abroad, we believe that everyone should have the confidence that comes with self-defense training. We want to help Jonesboro, Paragould, and Walnut Ridge become healthier and safer communities. We promote a measured, practical approach to self-defense.

When you visit Shooting Range, or we come to you, you get quality. From CPR certifications to concealed carry permits, we will give you the best instruction available for a reasonable price. The class and instructor were very professional and taught many valuable lessons. Read more.


I took the class in December I've known Mr. Lee for years and find him to be an excellent teacher! He makes sure you understand everything you need to know to properly handle a firearm and the laws evolved with a concealed I have had two classes taught by Logan Lee at Shooting Range.Wade Goodwyn. Twenty years ago Saturday, two middle school students outside Jonesboro, Ark. They killed four students, all girls, and a teacher, wounding 10 others. As the years passed, Columbine became the touchstone, the school shooting everyone remembered.

And it left the survivors in Jonesboro feeling forgotten and even more bereft. She was a student at Westside Middle School who saw her best friend die that day — in sixth grade.

The Westside Middle School survivors have banded together in recent years, with the help of a Facebook page, to console each other and share a grief that never goes away. But the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla. The fact that Saturday's march on Washington in favor of stricter gun regulations falls on the 20th anniversary of their school shooting also leaves the Jonesboro survivors with mixed emotions.

jonesboro arkansas shooting

Many are uncomfortable that the march falls on a day still so painful for them. Family members of Paige Ann Herring walk to her gravesite on March 27, Mary Hollis Inboden, who was Paige's best friend, says one of the worst moments of her life was when Paige's mother frantically opened the gym office door and screamed her daughter's name. The Westside shooting had its own unique element of horror. The shooters were so young, themselves students at Westside, and it's still technically the worst mass murder at a middle school in U.

The shooters were Andrew Golden, 11, who was born and raised in Jonesboro, and Mitchell Johnson, 13, who was from Minnesota but had lived in Jonesboro for four years. Their ambush was carefully planned. Golden and Johnson stole nine weapons and 2, rounds of ammunition from their parents' and grandparents' homes, took Johnson's stepfather's minivan and the next morning headed to Westside. After lunch, Golden ran inside and pulled the fire alarm and then ran back to the edge of a field where Johnson was hiding.

As the children and teachers spilled out, the two boys began to shoot, using deer rifles, from yards away. As the students began to fall there was panic and confusion, and one student shouted, "It's all fake.

English teacher Shannon Wright saw that a student named Emma Pittman was being shot at and stepped in front of her. Wright was herself shot and died later that evening at the hospital. Cody Barnhill around age Courtesy Cody Barnhill hide caption. Cody Barnhill, 12 at the time, was in an art class that was evacuated into the parking lot.

He could hear the shots and screaming around the corner. Eventually, he and his classmates were herded back into the gymnasium, where bullets could be heard ricocheting off the outside bricks and walls. Barnhill was able to wander back into the hallway, where he could see first responders loading the wounded onto stretchers, and says he thought about going outside the school again, to see if he could help, but then the shooting stopped.

Seeing a massive traffic jam of police cars, ambulances and parents hunting for their children, Barnhill says he felt only one thing:. Everyone's too late. Inboden, now an actress in Los Angeles who has written a play about the shooting, recalls being in reading class that day when the fire alarm went off.

Once on the playground, she remembers, she heard pops and saw classmates falling down, including a girl who fell at her feet.Ten others were wounded. Golden and Johnson were convicted of five murders and ten assaults, and were imprisoned until each turned 21 years of age. After the Cleveland Elementary School shooting in Stockton, Californiathe massacre was the second deadliest non-college school shooting [3] in contemporary U.

jonesboro arkansas shooting

His mother soon remarried to Terry Woodward, an inmate at the prison where she was a guard. Johnson had a good relationship with his stepfather and brother, and adults who remembered him described him as being quiet and respectful.

He was a former member of the Central Baptist Church youth choir, later joining the youth group at the Revival Tabernacle Church, in Jonesboro.

Following the shooting, Johnson's attorney claimed that he had been sexually abused when he was 6 and 7 years by a "family member of the day care where he was placed".

One year before the shooting, year-old Mitchell was charged with molesting a 3-year-old girl while visiting southern Minnesota with his family. However, the record of the case was expunged because of Mitchell's age. Golden was born and raised in Jonesboro to Jacqueline and Dennis Golden.

By all accounts, he came from a stable household, having a good relationship with both his parents, and he regularly visited his grandparents and great-grandmother.

Johnson and Golden were both students at Westside Middle School. The pair rode the bus together, but were not close friends. He also spoke of "having a lot of killing to do" [5] and his classmates also commented that he had a fascination with firearms.

He had particularly threatened to kill sixth-grader Candace Porter, his former girlfriend who ended their relationship.

Golden was a sixth grader at the school, where schoolmates said he displayed troublesome behavior. He would often engage other students in fist fights and use profane language. A classmate accused him of killing her cat with a BB gun. Three months before the incident, a student reported to a school counselor that Golden had stated he intended to shoot some people at the school. When Golden was called to the counselor, he stated that he had a nightmare in which he followed through and then was killed, scaring him off the plan.

On the night before the shooting, Golden assisted Johnson in loading his mother's Dodge Caravan with camping supplies, snack foods, nine weapons Remington The following morning, the boys drove in the van to Westside Middle School, arriving late after deliberately missing their bus.

The Ghosts Of Jonesboro: Fifteen Years After A School Shooting, A Small Town Is Still Recovering

Golden then ran back to the woods where Johnson had taken the weapons. Students who had initially evacuated for the drill were brought back into the school's gymnasium, where students could hear the bullets ricocheting off the outside bricks and walls. A student who had sought shelter in the school told a teacher with them that they believed the shooter was Mitchell Johnson, as they had been told by him not to come to school that day.

They killed four students and one teacher and wounded ten others. All ten of those injured survived their injuries.

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